Customer delight from square one

Glome gives businesses tools to earn customers trust by serving them and their friends, across all devices without forcing anyone to register or install anything.

Respectful personalization

Personalization is a core element for great User Experience and key to user commitment. 

A Glome powered service has the ability to offer personalized experiences from the beginning of user journey throughout the customer lifetime.

Nothing is required from the user – no registrations or apps.

Social and Omnichannel

Customers can enjoy personlized content seamlessly between their devices or any other digital interface the business offers.

Glome platform offers the opportunity for more effective social features for friends and family to interact with your business offerings together. Glome creates social networks for businesses where collected data can be used to further personalize the experience.

Competitive advantage

Consumers tolerance for inconvenience is at an all time low – they demand a seamless service experience through all channels with no fuzz ( or they go somewhere else ). Consumer awareness of digital rights and the legal environment forces businesses to react. Trust and transparency are competitive advantages.

With Glome businesses improve user acquisition and conversion!

Patented Technology

The platform is built around our patented ( EU & US ) and GDPR compatible anonymous personalisation methods.

Smooth Experience

Glome offers businesses tools to improve conversion and serve their customers and the customers social network, across all devices without registrations or apps.

Future proof

Glome is platform built on modern technology for future requirements: speed, transparency and privacy by design.

Services and solutions we offer

  • Fast integration with modules for Magento, WooCommerce or JS environments
  • API, priced per usage, every connection is meaningful
  • Concept planning, Integrating consumer digital rights in CX
  • Concept planning, Social features to boost your service’s KPIs
  • Application development, by you, your partners, us or our partners

Edi Sandblom

Markku Alanko