or internet

lack of trust, results
in a poor conversion

In the future Internet's economic value
will be created on trust between
individuals and businesses

Bet you don't require registration from people you meet. You meet them, get to know them better, build relationships. Maybe even friendships. That's natural to us humans. Why, then do we tend to think that we need registration from customers when talking about business?


Thus we created something that's best since, well, the Internet: We removed the login.

​Building trust

whilst improving

Glome solution let's your visitors immediately start using your service, gaining positive experiences and earning trust. No registrations, log-ins or app installs is needed.

They can access your service omnichannel, through the device they want, when they want.

And moreover, they can effortlessly share the relevant things to both them and their peers via social share. Thus actually building your pipeline instead of funneling it.

What this translates to is 6x increase in the conversion rate. 

  1. Kids are already very difficult to reach online, even more difficult to activate. And now we're talking about learning how to code, impossible! Glome plays an essential role lowering the barrier to begin playing, but still offers the opportunity for the advanced players to save their progress. The collaboration went very smooth and all our expectations were exceeded.

    Wesa Aapro
    Producer, YLE

Omnichannel experience

On average users have over 3 devices per person, and according to Google 90% use multiple devices in sequence.

Start on mobile, continue on your laptop and keep everything synced.

Take any screen, personalise it when you want, and cut the link to you when done.

Start playing on your iPhone on the bus, continue on your Android tablet at the office and finally with your xbox in the living room.


People are social, and good experiences are shared yet friends do not ask friends to register.

Organise a cinema evening or dinner with friends; coordinate from variety times, places and venues.

Social shopping; help me find the right things

Spontaneous group experiences; social TV with friends

Privacy proof personalisation

Our patent protected solution meets user demands and legal requirements for privacy and data control.

If you're wondering about the complexities of such a system, we can reveal one thing. It's based on the exact same thing as the entire Internet–links.

Success stories!

   We are live but in closed beta and our self serving platform will gradually open up in 2017. Check out the success stories and contact us for more information!

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