Single sign-in

​Glome gives businesses tools for serving users across all their devices - a single sign-in experience in an omnichannel world.

Nothing is required from the user. No registration. No applications. 

Automatic account creation

When a user accesses a service - usually with a browser or an app - a unique account for the user is automatically created.

We call these SoftAccounts
and we make sure it's the same user so the business can serve and personalise the offering - and earn the users trust. No personally identifiable information or device fingerprinting is required.

This is anonymous personalisation
it's our unique patent protected way to make a human driven digital world.

Multi device service and personalisation

Each device/interface the user is using 
the Glome enabled service with, get's an own SoftAccount. These SoftAccounts can only be linked together by the user, as neither Glome nor the business knows who the user is. Thus the user can connect any device, and disconnect when done.

Everything that is connected
can be Glomified. Start on mobile, continue on laptop and finish on the tablet - it's as easy as sending yourself a link. 

User demands meet privacy requirements

Three out of four internet users
say they want to be able to control the use and distribution of their data.

With Glome the user is in charge
of what she wants to connect and share, and as no identity is required - she can disconnect any device without the fear of loosing her identity.

It's the right to be forgotten.
Glome offers a solution that meets customer demands and also the EU’s new data protection requirements.

Omnichannel platform

The average user has more than 3 personal devices,
and almost 90 percent of users refuse to register for services or install applications before the service provider has gained their trust.

We offer a solution
which means that the customer is in charge of defining the level and extent of the identification, and this allows trust to be built gradually and based on good experiences - through multiple devices. When trust has been achieved, there is no limit to how deep the customer relationship can become.

Glome is a responsible evolution of online
business and common sense.