Social Graph

​​ Glome is an inbound marketing tool for businesses to improve conversion and to create social graphs.

Friends do not require friends to register or install anything - with Glome they do not have to.

Social Objects

Anything that can be linked, can be shared. 
With Glome users can create Social Objects of anything and invite friends to join or help. These objects are linked to users SoftAccounts, so they are personal and private, until the user decides to share them.

​Sharing the Social Objects is just sharing a link,

through any means the user wants, giving others tools to join and enrich the experience. For example event planning, gaming and social shopping with cart sharing and cost splitting are good examples of Social Objects.

Digital is best when it's social, but friends do not force friends to register.

Social Graphs 

Social Objects are shared as links. 
When other users access the service via a Social Object link, they will get their own personal SoftAccount, and it will be linked to the Social Object with rights to comment, join, vote or even shop together. 

The power of Social Objects
are that they connect SoftAccounts - user
profiles - together.

No one has registered or installed apps, but the business has tools to personalise for the network, deepen the relationship with each user and earn their trust.

Social Shopping

People start shopping on their mobile,
and put things to their carts. They share the cart and ask friends for advice and commens.

Before the final purchase desicion they want to look at the items on a larger screen, which they do by sharing a link to themselves.

With Glome businesses
can now serve the shopper on her 2 separate devices for a continuous experience, and to her network of friends who joined to comment.

No one has yet installed anything or registered anywhere.

We remove the friction to increase conversion and build trust.

Trust Networks and loyalty

Glome SoftAccounts and Social Objects
are unique tools for businesses to create meaningful experiences for users and their friends.

With users in control,
Glome solves the privacy regulation requirements and businesses can focus on earning users and their peers trust and loyalty.

​​It's is a responsible evolution of online business and common sense.

Contact us and we'll help you get started.