Removing uncertainty

with proven double-digit growth!

Glome gives businesses tools to earn their users trust by serving them and their friends, across all devices without forcing anyone to register or install anything.

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Incognito personalisation with a single sign-in experience.

Social sharing

Peer-to-peer user acquisition, friends do not ask friends to register.

GDPR compatible

No registration, no apps - based on patent protected anonymous personalisation.

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Start on mobile, continue on laptop and close the deal in-store. No registration, no apps - just a link to share with yourself.

Social sharing

Let your customers invite their friends to join the experience. No apps, no registrations - only a smooth social experience!

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Just one week

We offer a simple API, javascript SDK and ready made packages for most used platforms.

Full support

We are in closed beta so we can fulfil our service promise. Contact us to get in.

Fits your need

Every brand is different, so are their customers and their expectations. Glome is designed to be personal.


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